Wild Swimming Croatia


We often get a chance to swim and enjoy the beautiful Adriatic islands of Croatia. Hundreds of islands spread from the northern Istra to southern Dalmatia give us endless options to sail, swim and explore. Some might call this just simple sea or ocean swimming, but we like to call it wild swimming in Croatia! As much as there is life on Croatian islands, there is also no or very little life on some islands and refers to the wilderness.

One simple itinerary below will give you an idea of you can plan a wild swimming Croatian week. Don’t take it for granted, this is just what we did, but you can go to so many other islands in Sibenik area. Most important is that you have a good boat transport and escort or join an organised group when doing this. And make sure you do it safe and watch local weather forecast.
Our base is Krapanj island near town of Brodarica (Sibenik). Good luck and enjoy the exploration of the blue Mediterranean sea!



Acclimatisation swim hotel beach to North headland and return – 0.4km

Zlarin island – Swim from southern tip NW along south coast – 2km

Zlarin island – Swim on north side SE towards southern tip 2km


Zirje island – Swim E to W across bays along southern coast 2.2km

Oblik island – Swim along N coast – 1.5km


Luka Grebastica (mainland) – Swim along coast 2.3km

Ostrika – Swim 1.8km


Krka river, walk along the river to the falls

Swim down river from Skradin bridge to lake Prokljansko- 2.3km

Swim through “Hitler’s Eye” WW II German submarine base


Zmajan island swim along N coast heading NW – 1.8km

Sail to Obonjan for lunch and walk, then sail back to Zmajan

Zmajan island swim along S coast heading NW – 2.4km


Krapanj island circle.

Swim all around the island anti clockwise from hotel – 3.5km

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Wild Swimming Croatia:

Wild Swimming Croatia: