Adventure Swimming – Lake Powell, Arizona, USA


Have you ever wanted to make a flip turn at the canyon or swim pass the red rocks surrounded by the breath-taking scenery in the desert? Martin Strel (the Big River Man), together with his son Borut Strel, run a great adventure swimming tours in the American west. Magnificent Lake Powell is the second largest man-made reservoir on the Colorado River, straddling the border between Utah and Arizona.  It offers an excellent playground for safe adventure swimming and exploration. Event organizers Martin and Borut have extensive experience in running open water swimming projects. They have organized some of the most challenging swimming expeditions in recent history, including swimming the Amazon, Mississippi, Yangtze, Danube, Colorado and many other rivers around the world. Martin himself attend these tours and we believe you will greatly enjoy meeting the world class marathon swimmer.

This tour appeals to all levels of swimmers, looking for swimming adventure surrounded by spectacular scenery. For details please see their swimming vacation website.

Duration: 4 Days (3 Nights)
Average Daily Swim: 3 miles (5 kms) or adjusted to the group
Accommodation: Hotel near the lake in Page town
Escort: Powerboats, Kayaks, Guides

The trip is also very suitable for non swimmers who would like to enjoy great scenery, do some walking and take great pictures and videos. As part of the tour the trip takes you all the way to the Rainbow bridge, the largest natural bridge in the world.

Are you in? We hope to see you Swimming the Wild West!

Some reviews about this trip from October 2016:

Highly highly recommended! ~ Kirsty G., Australia

Amazing experience. Guides are so organized. They take care of everything! So fabulous in every way. If you are thinking about it, just do it! ~ Katheryn B., USA

Such an amazing place to swim! ~ Lisa P., USA

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